Destination Mars

Destination Mars
In Art, Myth and Science


by Martin Caidin & Jay Barbree with Susan Wright

a review of Mars, Martians and beliefs about Mars found in literature, and predictions of the future of Mars


From the book jacket:
"Destination Mars examines how earthlings have perceived the planet throughout human history - in mythology, religion, astrology, folklore, early scientific history, science fiction, and the modern era of scientific discovery and space travel. Special attention is given to NASA's exploration of Mars, including the Mariner and Viking missions of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as NASA's two missions currently {at the time the book was written} on their way to Mars and due to arrive in July and September of 1997. Profusely illustrated, this is a stunning portrait of a planet that has proven to be of enduring fascination."


Penguin Studio, 1997

ISBN: 0-670-86020-4


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