Introduction to Space Dynamics

Introduction to Space Dynamics


by William Tyrell Thomson

an aerospace engineering textbook covering the mathematics and principles of space vehicle motion and control


From the book's back cover:
"Although this classic introduction to space flight engineering was first published not long after Sputnik was launched, the fundamental principles it elucidates are as valid today as then. The problems to which these principles are applied have changed, and the widespread use of computers has accelerated problem-solving techniques, but this book is still a valuable basic text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of aerospace engineering.

"The author, Professor Emeritus of Engineering at the University of California (Santa Barbara), has provided the mathematical tools that are required for quantitative analysis of the basic concepts of motion in outer space.


"Throughout this clear, comprehensive test, practice problems (with answers to many) aid the student in mastering analytic techniques, and numerous charts and diagrams reinforce each lesson."

Note: This text assumes the reader has a solid grasp of mathematics.


Dover, 1986, republication of Wiley, 1961, 1963

ISBN: 0-486-65113-4


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