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Died, Brook Taylor, English mathematician (calculus of finite differences)

Born, Charles Macintosh, Scotland, patented waterproof fabric

Born, Charles Goodyear, inventor of the vulcanization of rubber. (Neither Goodyear nor his family was ever connected with the company named in his honor.)

Thomas Edison received US patent number 465,971 for "a means of transmitting signals electrically" (radio).

Born, Gerben Sonderman, Dutch Fokker test pilot

The identification of heavy water (deuterium) was publicly announced by Harold C. Urey.

G Kulin discovered asteroid #1442 Corvina & #2712; and K Reinmuth discovered asteroid #1443 Ruppina.

The First Report of the Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, reported in an appendix that the United States had been engaged in research on an Earth satellite.

Born, Nancy Jane Currie PhD (at Wilmington, Delaware, USA), Colonel US Army, NASA astronaut (STS 57, STS 70, STS 88, STS 109)
Astronaut Nancy L. Currie, mission specialist, NASA photo (1998) 9359171131_be1f3dcd2a_m.jpg
Astronaut Nancy L. Currie, mission specialist, NASA photo (1998)

Star Trek's "Trouble With Tribbles" was first aired.

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